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Come with 5 Trays plus 1 Soild Sheet and 1 Mesh Sheet in a standard gift Box.  

Retail at S$265 (No Stock)

EXPANDABLE TO 15 TRAYS. (each additional tray at S$18-no stock. Additional Solid Sheet or Mesh Sheet at S$9.00 each, Spacer at S$23.00-no stock)

The EZIDRI SNACKMAKER make delicous dried fruit roll-ups, sweet and savoury snacks, muesli and health bars, corn and potato chips.
You'll be amazed at how quick and easy these snacks are to produce, and the entire family will just love the results.

Because dried food is light weight and space saving it is prefect for backpackers, campers, boaties and school lunches.

'SOFT TOUCH' Temperature settings with visual indication make for easy user-friendly control.
Expandable capacity to 15 trays and capable of drying up to 10 trays of puree, or roll-ups, at one time. Like the name suggests, the all-purpose food drier is designed specifically for use every day.


The EZIDRI airflow pattern with micro processor and integrated PLD circuitries, ensures accurate airflow temperature and exceptional expandability. These features ensure FAST EVEN DRYING with no tray rotation or significant loss of nutritional value through a slow drying process. Manufactured to exacting certification standards, EZIDRI provides the most cost effective Home Food Dryers on the market with years of reliable, service-backed operation.


EZIDRI Produces the best dried food in the shortest time. Makes excellent dried beef jerky and biltong.



Model: Ezidri Snackmaker
Voltage: 230-240V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Watts: 500w
Temp Control: Soft Touch Control
Low Medium High
35°C 50°C 60°C
Materials: Food Grade: ABS Plastic Polycarbonate
Safety Features: Element: Thermal Cutout
Motor: Thermal Cutout
Certification: AS/NZS3350.2.9-1996
IEC 355-2-9:1993
Warranty: 2 year against poor workmanship and faulty parts only. Damages due wrong usage and handling of the machine are not covered.