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We are Singapore STOCKIST of EZIDRI FD1000 and SNACKMAKER an unique electrical appliance for dehydrating  all kind of fresh food (Fruit, vegetables, fish, meats....) traditionally dried under the sun.

Many Pet-lovers in Singapore bought these dehydrators for preparing dry treats for their pets.

With EZIDRI, drying can now be done day and night, rain or shine under controlled temperature (Maximum 63 deg. C, to save most of the nutrients, favours, colors). What used to take a few days or even a few weeks under the sun, can now shortened to as quick as half-a-day. No more worrying about insects, birds, cats and pets or dust stealing away your products out in the sun. This DIY appliance allows you to take control of what you know is good or  not good. 
Do away with Sugar, Salt & Preservative while producing healthy snacks for your children.

We are able to deliver economically to most parts the world regardless of quantity.

We will carry out services on the units, replace damaged parts at an agreed price. Please contact us for a quotation prior to sending your units to the following address:

K-industrial Services Pte Ltd at Tel +65 6563 1101, Fax: +65 6563 1121e-mail: isiaongp@pacific.net.sg



Standard 5 TRAYS in gift box - EXPANDABLE TO 30

The EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 is designed for both small quantity and bulk food drying and preserving all your favourite fruits and vegetables. The fastest most efficient drier available today, the Ultra FD1000 has the capacity to dry up to 30 trays of produce at one time.
It is also capable of drying up to 15 trays of puree, for roll-ups, at one time. Features that will appeal to the more serious enthusiast.



Standard 5 TRAY in gift box  - EXPANDABLE TO 15

The EZIDRI SNACKMAKER make delicous dried fruit roll-ups, sweet and savoury snacks, muesli and health bars, corn and potato chips.
You'll be amazed at how quick and easy these snacks are to produce and the family will just love the results. Because dried food is light weight and space saving it is prefect for backpackers, campers, boaties and school lunches. 'SOFT TOUCH' Temperature settings with visual indication make for easy user-friendly control. Expandable capacity to 15 trays and capable of drying up to 10 trays of puree, or roll-ups, at one time. Like the name suggests, the all-purpose food drier is designed specifically for use every day.